Macy Wedding Planner

Weddings are a landmark event in the lives of people and mark an important transition in their lives. No wonder then that they are celebrated and organized with such pomp and splendor. The Indian shaadi is an epitome of such a celebration, as the function comprises of not only one event but numerous functions rolled into one, spreading over a time period ranging from a week to a month.

The first thing to be aware of is that any kind of wedding act is likely to be booked up months in advance so be organized and don’t leave the planning until it’s late in the day and you are left with little choice. Book the entertainment around the same time as you do the photographer and location as it is an essential part of the big day and you want to ensure everyone has a good time!

Weddings are very joyful and bright events. The procession, guests, and everything else are filled with rich colours, and you have to go through a multitude of rituals and celebrations even before the main ceremony. Indian parties can continue for several days, and the parties take place every night. If you want to strictly follow traditional Indian celebration weddings, you need the involvement of your family wedding planner to walk you through the event. Indian (wedding) photographers are recommended, so you can capture every special moment of your wedding.

Perhaps fewer people realise that Aphrodite, so legend tells, was born of the white foam which flew from the crests of the waves as they rolled into Paphos Harbour, the main harbour in Cyprus. Today the Temple of Aphrodite is just a short walk from the harbour, and should you feel so inclined, it is quite possible to have your wedding take place on a private yacht moored in the harbour itself.

But it is not at all necessary that you have to spend a bomb to make your wedding beautiful and elegant. After all, a wedding is union of two souls and it is all about emotions and very little about money. If you keep within a budget and spend prudently, you can still have a wonderful wedding without your expenses going through the roof.